Tubs & Toilets

Showers are a great way to clean off from the beach, wash down after yard work or just to wash up before or after work. Bathtubs on the other, although also used for cleaning, lend a whole different experience to the bathroom experience. In many cases, it may even be the focal point of your design.

freestanding tubs

A stand alone bathtub can create a very dramatic effect in any bathroom design. Whether a more classic style like the claw footed tub or a more modern shaped resin tub, any bathroom design, assuming the space is available, can showcase a gorgeous new tub.

Freestanding Tub

Built in Tub

built-in tubs

A built-in or drop-in tub can also be used as a center point for any bathroom. These tubs come in many shapes and sizes. Whether a standard oblong to fit along a wall or a triangular to fit within a corner, a built-in tub can be surrounded by the most luxurious stone tile or mosaic centerpiece and be a real work of art. Make the tub jetted and you have a real in home spa to massage away stress, aches and pains.

specialty tubs

One tub that is particularly unique is a walk-in tub. These tubs have a side door that has a water tight seal. Instead of climbing over the edge to get in and out, one simply opens the door just like in a shower. These tubs are perfect for the elderly, or a person with limited mobility.

All of these tubs can be purchased as a whirlpool or air tub. Both types will provide a massage like experience by either shooting jets of water or forced air to created bubbles from strategic locations to hit all those sore spots.

Let’s not forget the large assortment of materials tubs are manufactured with. Cast iron, enamel, acrylic, fiberglass, marble and even wood are the most commonly found materials, each have different applications, weights and installation requirements.

specialty tub

one piece toilet

toilets & bidets

The art and science of bathroom fixtures has developed so much that now the options in toilets and bidets can become overwhelming. You can choose from different heights, colors, mounting options and even electric toilets. At Bath & Tile Trends, we can make the decision process a little less daunting.

There are one and two-piece toilets: A one-piece is just that – a single space-saving unit that is easy to clean and typically easier to install. They are versatile and can be fitted under a shelf or vanity extension. A two-piece features a separate tank and bowl. Whether the tank is bolted down to the tank or hanging with a pull chain like in your favorite Western, they make for a very classy design.

Bowl shapes can vary as well. Some bowls are more rounded, where others are more elongated. The smaller rounded bowls are great for powder rooms or a guest bath where space is typically an issue. The elongated bowl provides for comfort and additional room.
In the modern Western world, we’ve even made our toilets at more comfortable heights. A typical toilet height is 17″ from floor to seat top, but comfort height bowls are anywhere from 2 to more inches taller than that. They make sitting and standing easier and in many cases are perfect for persons with certain disabilities.

Want a more modern look to your bathroom? Try a wall-hung toilet with wall mounted flush hardware. This type is also a great space saver and makes cleaning that much easier. There are all types of levers, touch-less toilets, push button tanks and even water-saving. The options are endless.

The bidet, French for pony, is not as popular here in the United States as is in Europe but that doesn’t mean it should be overlooked. As with the toilet, bidets come in many sizes, shapes and styles and add glam to your bathroom design. Form and function are important, and we are here to help you achieve both.