Sinks & Vanities

An integral part of any bathroom project is finding the right vanity and sink to fit your space, that meets your needs and is aesthetically pleasing. At Bath & Tile Trends, we will assist you in picking out the perfect vanity and sink from our large selection of brands and models. Whether it’s a double sink for a master bath or a pedestal sink for your powder room, we can find the right fit for your budget.

pedestal sinks

A pedestal or freestanding sink; takes up very little space, is extremely practical and gives a nice minimalist feel to any bathroom, especially a small powder room. They are very easy to install and will bring a little old world charm into the most modern of
today’s bathrooms. They are available in many styles, colors, designs and sizes. There are just so many choices in pedestals, that the hardest part may be narrowing down to just one model. Working with our designers at Bath & Tile Trends, we can help you find the perfect pedestal sink to fit your needs.



wall mounted sinks

A wall mounted sink has great aesthetic appeal, especially in today’s modem bathroom designs. They create an openness that many people are looking for in today’s in homes. A wall mounted sink is perfect for a small powder room or “half bath”. The only drawback is their lack of storage and their vulnerability to downward thrusts.

vessel sinks

Looking for class, style and panache in your bathroom design? Vessel type sinks create a central conversation piece that can’t be beat. Think of your classic wash basin but in a modern bathroom with working plumbing. Vessel sinks come in many styles, shapes, and materials. Natural stone, hammered copper, crystalline glass are all glorious and commonly used in today’s vessels. They are easier to install than undermount sinks which means they are easy to swap out. Add a classy and stylish faucet, and your sink could be a work of art. The best part of the vessel sink is the ample amount of under sink space that you now have as vessels are top mounted.


under-mount sinks

If you are looking for a classy yet contemporary look then the under-mount sink is a great choice for your bathroom vanity. Under-mounts create an open flow to your counter top with outside space being the main objective. If you don’t mind sparing the under cabinet space and like the look and feel of a granite or marble countertop, we can offer you a wide selection of under-mount sinks.

free standing vanities

A free standing vanity is simply a combo of a vanity and a pedestal sink. While a traditional pedestal vanity would not lend any free_standing_vanityspace for storage of your personal bathroom items, a free standing bathroom vanity would provide all the essential storage space with the same space and aesthetic advantages of a pedestal.

full size vanity

Full size vanities can incorporate any of the top sink options while providing space for all your essentials. They come in a wide array of shapes, sizes and materials. A vanity can be traditional, art deco, classic country or minimalist. They can be narrow for small spaces or cover the entire span of the bathroom wall. Vanities can be rectangular with sharp lines or smooth and curvy because of today’s manufacturing techniques. Vanities come in many different colors and finishes including white lacquer, high gloss, wenge veneer or solid wood. Trending today are double vanities where two sinks are either undermouted or set atop so that two people can use the bathroom without getting in each other’s way.

Whether you are looking for a stand alone pedestal, a single or double vanity, our designers can help you find a ready-made or stock vanity in a variety of sizes and finishes or we can design a fully custom vanity or furniture piece in any size or finish you wish. We have designed Traditional and Transitional bathrooms, Modern / Contemporary bathrooms, classic or rustic bathrooms, thus we are your number one Long Island source for all your bathroom design needs.