Shower Heads & Drain Covers

The advancement in shower head technology has come so far that pretty whatever type of shower you can dream of is possible. Whether it’s a rainshower shower head, a wall or ceiling shower head, body spray or removable shower head; we at Bath & Tile Trends can assist you in picking out the perfect showerhead technology to fulfill your dreams and keep within your budget.

rainfall shower head

Imagine being in the rain-forest on a hot sweltering day when all of a sudden the skies open up and fresh clean water falls from the sky. Chance are, you’re not running for cover.  With a rainfall showerhead, you can have that same experience right in your bathroom spa. Whether you want a wall mounted round or a ceiling mounted square, we can help find the right shower kit to finish your tropic shower.



body sprays

Showers no longer have to just clean from the head down. Incorporating body sprays in the walls will create a full body spa experience. Have back pain or lower muscle pain? Pulsating body sprays create an invigorating hydrotherapy treatment center right in your own home. You can even add led lighting for a real different shower experience.

handheld shower head

Looking for the function of a fixed wall shower head but like the option to direct the spray to any part of your body? Add a detachable hand shower head. A detachable hand shower is great for any age and allow you to direct the water flow to any area or direction you need. Washing a child is easier because you can hold the spray away from their eyes and ears. Used in conjunction with body sprays and a rainfall shower head and you have the ultimate in bathing.

drain covers

Many of us take plumbing for granted. It’s just always been there. Now that the shower head is taken care, we need some place for all that water to go. At Bath & Tile Trends, we show you how something as small as a drain cover, can bring the finishing touch to your bathroom spa. Whether you are looking for an open bathroom with a linear drain or a closed shower with style, we can find the perfect drain for you.