In this modern world, many of us take for granted the little things in life that have innovated how our world functions. With the advent of indoor plumbing, the bathroom; once a room separate from the rest of the house, has now become a focal design area for any new or existing homeowner. Of course style can not be ignored even at the faucet. Bath & Tile Trends has a wide array of bathroom faucets on display in our showroom. We are an authorized Hansgrohe retailer as well as a carrier of many other brands. We can assist you with picking the right faucet for your bathroom style.

wall mount faucet

A very classy and space saving type of faucet is the wall mounted. As the name implies, a wall mounted faucet is not attached to the sink or countertop. It is mounted directly to the wall with all plumbing lines concealed and neatly tucked away. The best part, soap and hard water have no place to collect, thus making clean up a snap. Whether you like brushed nickle or copper, stainless or brass, single lever or dual valves, we can find you the right match to your sink, vanity or tub.

Wall-mount faucet

single lever faucet

single lever faucet

A single lever faucet is comprised of one spout and handle which controls the flow and temperature of the water. In some cases the lever or handle is top mounted, in other cases on the side. Either way, single handle faucets are a great addition to any bathroom design.

centerset faucet

A centerset double handle faucet is a nice little package comprising of a single spout and two levers or handles. These usually come as a single unit that fit nicely into predrilled holes in the countertop.

centerset faucet

spread fit faucet

spread-fit faucet

The more common type of bathroom faucet is the spread-fit or wide-fit faucet. This faucet is made up of a single water spout and two separate valves or levers; one for the hot and one for the cold water. Typically this faucet would be set in holes 4 to 10 inches apart from each other, but the versatility of this type of faucet let’s you create your own design.

waterfall faucet

Nothing screams elegance or decadence more than a waterfall faucet. Just as the name indicates, a waterfall faucet can be any of the above type of faucets but the water pours out either over a glass plate or from an open spout. The sound of the running water and the natural look of flowing water bring a zen like beauty to the home. The sounds of water are soothing and relaxing. Why spend 100’s of dollars on cd’s, mp3’s or sound machines when you can add elegance with a waterfall faucet in your tub or sink.

waterfall faucet

touchless faucet

electronic faucet

In this techno age of computers, cell phones and smart homes; electronics are not limited to texting, sending Facebook posts, or Instagram-ing. Now you can even have a touch-less faucet or soap Touchless Bathroom Faucet with motion sensordispenser. Whether you are looking for a wall mounted electronic faucet with digital temperature control, a faucet with mood lighting or a hands-free germ free faucet, or even one with remote control; we can help you find the right fit for your dream bathroom.